Mar 27, 2019


The audience can select a table to attend during this session. The discussion will run for 50-minutes and the tablecloths will be made from paper, allowing attendees to take notes and draw plans. At the end of the session, we will ask a spokesperson from each table to report back to the room and that spokesperson will pose a set of challenges for the whole audience to contribute towards solving.


  • What technologies are really driving solar forward?
  • Innovation in IT – is this the next growth area for PV?
  • Co-location of solar, storage or EV charging networks – what’s the reality of delivering a project?


  • Who owns European solar and who’s in buying mode?
  • How well is the industry really doing to meet the needs of large energy buyers?
  • Why is the PPA market slower than expected?
  • What’s slowing PPAs down in the eyes of energy buyers?


  • Beyond subsidy: how should governments encourage a strong solar industry?
  • Tax, robust regulation, high power prices: what drives deals in the absence of a subsidy?
  • What lessons have been learnt which could apply to markets with a support mechanism
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