Nuno Marques

General Manager


Nuno is an electrical engineer with over 15 years of international experience. Has been involved and driving many projects Worldwide as Principal SME (subject matter expert) in the field of Renewable Energy and Telecommunications.  AEROPROTECHNIK is an engineering company leader in Data Intelligence for Solar PV Sector.

They have performed over 5GW of solar PV E2E Thermal (IR) Inspection, analyses as well as analytics  for advanced quality assurance in more than 10 countries.

​The service is complemented with unique in market “Data Cloud Analytics software for (IR) Solar PV Inspection” allowing the customers to access their data everywhere, correlate it and transform it into actionable information to support real-time business decisions.

The solution is able to follow up degradation and support on proactive optimization by detecting, classifying and quantifying existing as well as tracking upcoming anomalies.



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