28 - 29 March 2023


Berto Martins

Director - Electricity Markets

Berto Martins is currently Director for Electricity Markets at EDP S.A.

He joined EDP to work at the National Dispatch for the Electric System and after some years moved to the System Optimization and Commercial Operations Division until 2002.

When the liberalization process of the energy sector started in Portugal he left to work on the team responsible for the creation of the Energy Markets Division, implementing IT systems and business procedures for all the Trading activities.

30 Mar 2022
 - 15:30 GMT
Panel Discussion

As we see a rise in collocated solar and storage, questions still remain. Although the speed and ease of installing a battery storage project to capture excess solar energy is unrivalled, companies need to understand how to:

  • Model the benefits of a co-located model for developers and IPPs
  • Source finance
  • Decide on the ownership model for the solar and battery
  • Secure multiple routes to market
  • Select the right battery!
29 Mar 2022
 - 15:10 GMT
Panel Discussion
Stream B

What collaboration is needed at a policy level, with TSOs and DSOs, and with generators to enable a system to balance. This panel will examine solar PV, energy storage and the role that effective policy can have in enabling us to achieve our 2030 decarbonisation goals and installed PV targets.