13 - 14 April 2021 | VIRTUAL

Cristian Carraretto

Associate Director – Sustainable Resource Investments
Energy Efficiency - Associate Director, Sustainable Resource Investment

After a MSc and a PhD in Energy Sciences, I worked as a university researcher and lecturer on the development of hardware and software systems for the real-time remote diagnostics of power stations, the modelling of power systems towards the deregulation of the electricity systems, as well as innovative fuel cells and gas turbines.

As technical Director of the Venice Energy Agency I worked on a number of EU projects on energy sustainability for urban communities and transport.

Moving to industrial consultancy, as a senior engineer and project manager initially and then as Power Generation Business Line Manager for South Europe operations of MWH Global, I got involved in all the main stages of project development, from conceptual study to final design, permitting and authorisation, procurement, construction and commissioning supervision for different power generation technologies (advanced CCGTs, rehabilitation of Soviet-design coal stations, CHP systems, pollutant abatement systems, wind, hydro, biomass and biogas, photovoltaic and concentrated solar power plants) as well as energy efficiency programs in various industrial sectors. I gained strong skills in planning and meeting P&L targets while operating in international competitive markets, managing international teams and leading on business development and the delivery of client-oriented approaches.

Currently working for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as Associate Director in its Energy Efficiency and Climate Change team, I have expanded my skills to corporate and project financing, stakeholders engagement for markets transformation and policy reforms. The core objective of my work is to contribute to the transition towards high energy and environmental sustainability of energy and corporate sectors. My sectoral responsibility covers the broad energy sector, from the extractive industry and transportation of fuels, to electricity production, transmission and distribution. The main areas of strategic engagement focus on low carbon pathways for the energy sector, including gas sector methane emission reduction programmes as well as production, transportation and distribution of decarbonised gases (in particular clean hydrogen) across all countries of operation of the Bank. I also work on selected large energy-intensive industrial segments, in particular steelmaking and chemicals, with focus on the development of programmes for the penetration of disruptive technologies and business models for the rapid and deep decarbonisation of those sectors.

14 Apr 2021
 - 10:15 CET

As we sit on the cusp of a green hydrogen revolution, commentators disagree about the scale and the timing in which the industry can grow. With huge opportunity and government support in some locations such as Portugal, however, project plans are coming together so join us for this panel which will investigate the scale of the green hydrogen opportunity and the additional solar that would be required to hit these ambitions.

  • Terawatts of additional power generation will be needed – to what extent can wind and solar scale up?
  • What support mechanisms will be needed to reach this scale?
  • Where will the capital investment come from?