13 - 14 April 2021 | VIRTUAL

Markus Voigt

CEO & Founder
Markus Voigt

Markus founded AREAM Group in 2005 and since has built up one of the leading integrated asset management companies in the sustainable infrastructure/ renewable energy sector in Germany. AREAM manages or operates investments of more than EUR 1 bn with a team of 25 international renewable energy specialists. Before founding AREAM, Markus was CEO and co-founder of IDEENKAPITAL, an ERGO Insurance Group owned asset management company in the alternative sector. Markus has studied Business Management (BWL) at the university of Cologne.


13 Apr 2021
 - 14:50 CET

And if not, what can you do to improve the situation? This panel will look at the role trackers can play in improving LCOE with a deep dive into projects where they have been deployed effectively. Experts will join from different backgrounds, giving the audience a 360 view on trackers.