28 - 29 March 2023


Pedro Rocheta De Almeida Fernandes

Head of Power Generation
Endesa Portugal
Pedro Almeida Fernandes

Since 2011, Pedro Almeida Fernandes is Head of Power Generation at Endesa Portugal. Pedro has a Master Degree in Environmental Engineering by Instituto Superior Técnico, of the Lisbon Technical University, and has worked as a Management Consultant, at Roland Berger, prior to joining Endesa in 2006, where he has also had roles in Regulation, and Business Development.

30 Mar 2022
 - 14:50 GMT
Panel Discussion

A number of European governments face a perennial question: how can we expand arable lands for food security and supplies, whilst also transitioning to a cleaner and greener grid. One proposed solution is the combination of solar systems on agricultural lands, which solves two problems at once.

  • How can developers negotiate with landowners to ensure both food and solar security?
  • What European countries are already developing such projects?