27 - 28 March 2024, Altis Grand Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal


Panagiotis Stamoulis

Market Director Southern EU
Stamoulis Panagiotis, Market Director Southern EU, Fluence

Stamoulis brings 17 years of Siemens experience in traditional Medium Voltage substation business and passionate in new technologies.

Since 2012 he has been actively involved on Li-ion battery energy storage market, supporting delivery of projects for the biggest South European utilities (Enel, Terna, EDP) and driving business developments activities in several European, Asian and South American countries.

Stamoulis is a founding member of Fluence, responsible for South European area and monitoring electrical energy storage market development, contributing on several international workshops (EU, Cigre). Married and father of 2 restless sons. He holds Diplom in Electrical Engineering and MSc in Management of Business, Innovation and Technology.

22 Mar 2023
 - 12:00 GMT
Panel Discussion

Co-located storage allows for solar power to be stored and released onto the grid consistently, rather than the ~8 hours a day the power is produced. Different markets across Europe have different regulations and capabilities for combining storage with solar. Discover which European countries are the most exciting for the expansion of storage.