Large Scale Solar Europe

The Transition to Subsidy Free

13 - 14 Mar 2018
Dublin, Ireland

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As the first subsidy free solar projects are starting to appear, the event marks the dawn of a new era of subsidy free business:

Large Scale Solar Europe: The Transition to subsidy free is the first ever subsidy free solar conference looking at the evolution of solar financing and development across Europe. Attendees will learn about recent utility scale subsidy free projects already deployed or in motion across Europe looking at opportunity and discover different feasible business models capable of operating free of a government support mechanism. 

More than 200 top-level executives will be joining the discussion (Project developers, Utilities, Financiers, Investors, Contractors and much more). 






Topics Include

  • The scale of subsidy-free solar
  • Optimising large-scale solar projects from a utility and grid perspective
  • Establishing the right financial project profile to enable Grid Parity developments
  • The projection for wholesale power prices in Europe 
  • Identifying the correct environment for your subsidy free project
  • Supply chain engineering
  • Country focus round tables
  • MIP and anti-dumping
  • Current and potential subsidy free business models
  • Adding Storage to your Solar Subsidy free site
  • Community solar projects in a subsidy free environment


Countries covered: UK | Ireland and Northern Ireland | France | Spain | Portugal | Italy | Netherlands | Germany | Turkey | Poland | Hungary

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