Delegate Ticket Protection


Solar Media will refund the cost of the ticket in full should the named ticket holder (‘Holder’) be unable to attend due to:

  • Sickness, accident or injury of the Holder
  • Death of Holder, or death of Holder’s immediate family within 30 days of the event
  • Preventative travel delays outside of Holder’s control
  • Extreme or adverse weather (snow, fog, storm) that prevents Holder’s attendance to event venue
  • Unavoidable Jury Service
  • Strikes, riots, terrorism or other extraordinary national/international circumstance
  • Changes of the date, location or main thematic qualities of the event

This will not cover instances where the Holders subsequently decides not to attend the event for any reason other than those listed above – the ticket is not refundable if the Holder or Holder’s employer has a date clash, changed commercial focus or Holder leaving current employer.

Requests for refunds must be made in writing along with all relevant accompanying supporting documents to and will be made at the discretion of the Solar Media management team subject to requirements met. Refunds will be made to the same payment method as purchase, unless otherwise requested. Refunds must be paid to an account with the same name as the person/entity who purchased the ticket, though not necessarily the Holder.