27 - 28 March 2024, Altis Grand Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

22 Mar 2023
 - 16:35 CET
Panel Discussion

What is the Best Way for the Industry to Expand?

More and more financial institutions are entering the renewable industry projects as they look to “greenify” their investments. Also, governments across Europe are looking to increase renewable power capacity to reduce reliance on foreign gas imports.

With such increase in capital and political interest, solar power production is due to expand rapidly in the coming years. However, this expansion needs to be done properly so that solar plants don’t negatively impact local wildlife and inhabitants and change the public perception from the current positive reception:

  • How big is too big?
  • Are GW scale projects too big and impactful on the environment?
  • What are the best ways to ensure solar projects don’t damage wildlife ecosystems?
Head of Regulation
Conference Producer
Solar Media
Head of Business Development - Portugal