27 - 28 March 2024, Altis Grand Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal


Edgar Moreira

Edgar Moreira, CEO, Energycon

Admittedly passionate about renewable energies and with an audacious entrepreneurial spirit, Edgar Moreira is a Civil Engineer, with consolidated experience in the field of renewable energies from centralized and decentralized international solar parks.

Twelve years ago he co-created the EnergyCon project, establishing it, since then, as one of the main Portuguese companies dedicated to providing energy efficiency and sustainability solutions in multidisciplinary projects.

EnergyCon, as now Operations globally with projects based predominantly in Europe specifically in Portugal, Spain and Africa specifically in Angola Moçambique.

As a dreamer and visionary, Edgar Moreira is always looking for new, bigger and different challenges, as he believes that each project makes a difference! His dream is to install solar panels on the moon, or, who knows, beyond…

22 Mar 2023
 - 10:40 GMT
Panel Discussion

Energy communities provide the opportunity to engage with local populations to have them be part of Solar PV development in their regions.

Working with energy communities can allow for more efficient energy systems, lower local resistance to project development and allow for fast expansion of renewable energy capacity.

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