13 - 14 April 2021 | VIRTUAL

João Amaral

Chief Technology Officer and Portugal Country Manager

Holds Bachelors, Licentiate and Master’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Porto’s Polytechnical. Worked in IT, Software and infrastructure management and has 15+ years of renewables experience. Currently Chief Technology Officer and Portugal Country Manager at Voltalia.

14 Apr 2021
 - 12:15 CET

This session will look at some of the auction results from 2019 and 2020 to enable the audience to learn from the outcomes. We will assess:
• Recent auction review: winning bids, prices and locations
• How will some of the low-ball winning projects establish economic viability?
• Capture price assumptions – what to include, longer term power prices
• How to prepare for an auction
• Including storage where it is promoted as part of the auction process