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Jonathan Touriño Jacobo

Solar Media
Jonathan Tourino Jacob, Solar Media

Jonathan joined Solar Media in February 2021 following a MA in Data Journalism and collaborated in a cross-border collaborative project for Lighthouse Reports in 2021. He mainly writes for PV Tech covering both the upstream and downstream solar industry with a keen interest in Latin American and emerging European markets.

22 Mar 2023
 - 12:50 GMT
Panel Discussion

One major roadblock in the development and expansion of European large scale projects is the lack of skilled workers available to install them. With the current scarcity of existing skilled workers, securing them for your project is becoming more and more expensive. How can the industry ensure there are enough skilled workers available to install projects currently in the pipeline.

Some utilities are establishing their own training schemes and funds, often aimed at those currently working in the fossil fuels industry, to help to resolve this. Which other options can be offered to attract the requisite amount of skilled workers?

22 Mar 2023
 - 11:50 GMT
Panel Discussion

Proper and efficient O&M is essential for maximising returns from your assets. Learn which techniques and strategies you should employ to maximise your capacity, and revenue streams.