21 - 22 March 2023, Altis Grand Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal


Susana Serôdio

Head of Policy and Market Intelligence
Susana Serodio, Head of Policy and Market Intelligence, APREN

Susana Serôdio is an Environmental Engineer with a master’s degree in engineering and technology management. Her professional activity has always been linked to energy and the environment, having started as a researcher for innovation, technology and policy, and as a consultant for climate change and energy efficiency. She has worked at APREN since 2015, first as an energy policy advisory and now as Head of Policy.

The Head of Policy role sees her support members and stakeholders within the Portuguese renewable energy sector with research, policy decision making representation and lobbying of APREN's strategic vision to political decision makers.

22 Mar 2023
 - 10:40 GMT
Panel Discussion

Energy communities provide the opportunity to engage with local populations to have them be part of Solar PV development in their regions.

Working with energy communities can allow for more efficient energy systems, lower local resistance to project development and allow for fast expansion of renewable energy capacity.

Learn how you can work with energy communities to expand your solar portfolios.